A more honest timeline

You know how the average worker born in the 50’s worked for less than four companies in their lifetimes. And now the average worker born in the 80’s will have worked for more than 20 companies in his career. Well it seems that our good friend Tom has had seven jobs in less than five years. Can anybody hold this man down?

From Tom: Resume writing and interviews are always worrisome for me because of some extensive gaps in my “Experience.” I usually state just the years of my positions and hope that the interviewer won’t ask specific months. If they press, I’ll say it was too long ago and that I’ll have to look it up. So in my realsume- I’ve included all my jobs since graduating from college in 2004.

If you’re interested in hiring me, I think the common denominator in my work experience is demonstrating a remarkable ability to somehow not do work. I don’t know how , but managers don’t ask me to do things. I’m the best.

Tom's Realsume


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